Ever done things the really hard way then after a long time of slaving away you develop and easy trick to reduce time or make the task easier only to learn someone else already figured it out? Me too, so I will start dot pointing tips and tricks here to save you time and heartache.

  • Preparation is the key – spend a few hours on the day before your work week to prep your meals. Make enough for snacks and meals to get you through work, this will help to prevent getting hungry and making a bad decision for a quick-lunch.
  • Buy a slow cooker – I am not talking about a wife who cooks slowly, I mean one of those cheap appliances from k-mart that you can fill full of goodness in the morning and then come home and eat at night. My slow cooker gets hammered during winter and makes dinners super easy.
  • Remove all the junk food – sounds silly but you and I know that in the back of your mind those chocolates in the pantry hidden behind the canned beans you will never eat are calling your name and in a moment of weakness you will dig it out. Throw it all away before you cave.
  • Eat out at places you know you can make good choices, meet at paleo cafe instead of muffin break or doughnut king.
  • Tell the wait staff you are a coeliac – It’s easier to explain and means they won’t give you anything with gluten in it even if you ask for it!
  • Sleep – being well rested is critical to success, missing sleep or simply not resting enough comes with a litany of side effects that can effectively reduce your lifespan and lifestyle.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people – the power of community is huge and contagious. Studies show that you are most likely to behave like the closest 5 people to you and if they eat junk food then it is likely you will too.